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BDC Pre World Schools Debating Championships Bangladesh

3rd BDC Pre Worlds 2007

Championships Date

  • March 1, 2007 - March 3, 2007
Team and Registrations
  • Team Registration is TK 2000.
  • Every institution can send maximum of 5 teams.
  • Team will have 3 debaters and 1 coach for the championships.
  • Institutions can also send maximum of 10 observers.
  • Registration for observers will be TK 700 each.

International School Dhaka-ISD (Shabab Mirza,Shafkat Manir,V.Atawar)


Runner up:

Manarat International School (Sohara Mehhroz,Mehdi Bin Samad,Hasanul Kaiser)


Best Speaker Final:

Shabab Mirza-ISD

Motions for BDC Final Selection:

Motion 1.

This House believes that celebrity’s adoption of children is inexcusable.


Motion 2.

This House believes that progressive taxation does not bring equity.
Motion 3.

This House would allow coaches to employ verbal abuse as a performance booster.
Motion 4.

This House supports 'RNA interference' in Medicine and Medical applications.
Motion 5.

This House would go to a deep sleep.

Motions for BDC Pre Worlds 2007:

Round 1:

This House would set free all the captives of Guantanamo Bay.
Round 2:

This House believes that DaVinci Code cannot be justified.
Round 3:

This House believes that medicine should be available without prescription.
Round 4:

This House believes that Corporal punishment should be means for discipline in school.
Round 5:

This House supports renewed determination towards the total elimination of nuclear weapons.
Round 6:

This House believes that UFO exists.
Quarter Final:

This House believes that the environmental movement has failed to make real progress.
Semi Final:

This House supports theory of Corporate Social Responsibility.
Grand Final:

This House would enforce a Ministerial Code of Ethics.

Chief Adjudicator
Rashedul Hasan Stalin

DCA (s)
1. Mohammed Saddam Hossain-Ex IUT
2. Azim Ahmed-IUB
3. Tanvir Ahmed Haroon-IUB
4. Alam Ishraq Chowdhury- Ex NSU
5. Niaz Morshed Chowdhury- EWU

Breaking Adjudicators:

1. Rezwan Kabir-NSU
2. Wahed-IBA
3. Mabroor Wassay-IUT
4. MM Ashiquar Rahman-Ex EWU
5. Md. Golam Kibria- IBA
6. Iftekarul Alam- IUB
7. Anika Rahman- EWU
8. Rafat Ur Nabi-NSU
9. Mahbub Manik-EWU
10. Sahnewaz Hossain Ahmed-EWU
11. Md. Iftee-IUB
12. Ridwan -IBA
13. KH. Tawsif-Ul-Islam-EWU
14. Md. Murad Hossain Sikder-DUDS
15. Rumman-IUT

Debaters for BDC National Schools Debating Team Camp 2007

1. Shabab Mirza-ISD
2. Aniqa Moinuddin-Mastermind
3. Nazmus Saddat-Mastermind
4. Navila Idris- Mastermind
5. Farhana Islam Muna-Mastermind
6. Kashpee Wahid-Mastermind
7. Sohara Mehhroz – Manarat
8. Sumaiya Anjum Kashfi-Manarat
9. Mehrab Bin Bakhtiyer-Manarat
10. Sidrat Zabeen-Mastermind
11. Al Akib Badrudduja- TRBS
12. Mir Nakibul Islam – NDC
13. Mehdi Bin Samad-Manarat
14. Shafkat Manir-ISD
15. V. Atawar-ISD
16. Mahnaz Reza-ESS
17. Nabeel Bin Mortuza-BIT
18. Farah Nasreen Chowdhury-BIT
19. Maimun Mustafa-AKS
20. Abul Fazal –Sunnydale
21. Faiza Rahman- BIT


Note: To participate in the World Schools Debating Championships, schools should bear all the expenses for the Selected Debaters of Team Bangladesh according to the WSDC Rule.



ISD hosted the 2nd BDC Pre World Schools Debating Championships Bangladesh 2006


Break Night Party, Barbeque Night, Socials and beautiful campus of International School Dhaka (ISD) gave the 2nd BDC Pre Worlds participants a new look of a new generation Debating Championships. The championship was unique in various ways. 5 rounds debate, only 20 minutes preparation time and selecting the best judges; debaters had toughest time of there debating life. A total of 16 teams participated in that grand championships. The participating institutions were: Manarat International School, Mastermind, Mapeleaf International School, Notre Dame College (NDC), BIAM English Medium School, Sunbeams, European Standard School (ESS) and the host International School Dhaka (ISD). On the second day ISD hosted a Barbeque party followed by heart breaking break night announcement in he break Night Party. Amusement named the top teams qualified for the semifinal and the top fifteen adjudicators. Manarat A and B outplayed rest of the teams and secured top two positions in the break night ranking. Mastermind C and NDC A secured the next two positions for the semis. Day 3 was all about the seriousness; the Council Meeting was arranged by BDC, matters related to the present and future of Bangladesh Debating was the topic for discussion. The meeting was also focused on the different issues related with the Pre Worlds itself where every institution representatives presented their viewpoint. The grand final started at half past three. Manarat A was unbeaten through out the championship and eventually became champion by defeating the running champion Mastermind in the Pre Worlds grand final. M Hasanul Kaisar and Sohara Mehroze from Manarat A were jointly judged best speakers for the Grand Final. In the prize giving ceremony BDC declared the top ten debaters name for the final selection.



MGBS hosted the 1st  BDC Pre World Schools Debating Championships Bangladesh 2005


Bangladesh Debating Council-BDC took the initiative to select the Team Bangladesh for World Schools Debating Championships first in 2005. Motijheel Govt. Boys High Schools Debating Club (MGBSDC) organized the first Championship from August 27 to 30, 2005. Three rounds selection championship where debated on three same debating motions released and debated on same time in different venues.  A total number of 12 Schools Team (Colleges were also included) and 50 adjudicators participated in that championship. The participating institutions were: Notre Dame College (NDC), Viqarunnisa Noon School and College, Mastermind, Scholastica, Sanydle, BAF Shaheen English Medium School, Motijheel Ideal School and College, Manarat International School. The four breaking teams qualified for the semifinals where: Scholastica and Mastermind A with 3 wins, Viqarunnisa and Notre Dame College with 2 wins. In the main championship battle Notre Dame a Defeated Scholastica and Mastermind A secured win against Viqarunnisa School and College team. The last grand battle was against Notre Dame A Vs Mastermind A. 56 min debate and 1 hour Adjudication discussion declare mastermind A as the first champion of BDC Pre Worlds. Tasriqual Islam Nibir from NDC A was judged the best speaker in the grand finale.


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