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Bangladesh Placed 16th In World Universities Debating Ranking

Rashedul Hasan Stalin


The Road map is showing us how to pave the success for Bangladesh in International Debating Championships. This year the big news came from the World Universities Debating Championships: “BANGLADESH CURRENTLY RANKED 16 WITH USA, AUSTRALIA AND ENGLAND AS THE TOP THREE BEST DEBATING NATIONS”. The credit for this achievement goes to those who participated in the World Universities Debating Championships (WUDC) regularly from Bangladesh since 1989. Last year Bangladesh National School Debating Team was selected and trained by Bangladesh Debating Council and reached the top 16 in the World Schools Debating Championships 2006 and ranked 10th. The Daily Star Reported.....


Unveil the power of truth

Feeda Hasan Shahed

It was an afternoon which was as ordinary as a regular afternoon. But little did I realize that it would soon turn out to be an extraordinary one followed by an enthralling evening am talking of 30th April, Monday, when I went to TSC just for a normal visit only to discover that a mega event was about to start. While I was entering the auditorium being fully blank about the proceedings, I was wondering what might be there so special regarding such a colorful arrangement! I soon found out. It was 'The Daily Star 4th Inter Hall English Debate Championship' and the 2nd Inter-University Public Speaking Championship '07 to be held one after the other. What an occasion for me! I have loved debating since my childhood despite not being a debater myself. I enjoy all sorts of persuasive speaking that take place anywhere be in adda, seminar, TV whatever. So it was to my great interest that I just decided to stay till the end and watch the battle of minds by youngsters of the nation. The Daily Star Reported.....

IUB in the IIT Delhi Debate 2007


Tanvir Ahmed Haroon


Debating is a big phenomenon in Bangladesh. Nearly all the universities, both public and private, have debating clubs. IUB is no exception. During the month of March, the IUB Debating Club (IUBDC) went to Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi to take part in a debating tournament. It was a four-day tournament that began on March 8th and concluded on March 11th. IUB sent a five-member delegate team consisting of Nafis Ahmed, Tareq Ismail, Imran Chowdhury, Zakir Hossain and Tanvir Ahmed Haroon.The Daily Star Reported.....

IBA Tops from Bangladesh in World Debate

Ridwan Karim

The year 2006 was an eventful one for IBADC, having already organized the National English Debate Competition in a grand scale, IBADC decided to round off the year in style by sending three teams and an adjudicator to the prestigious worlds debating championship the competition that every debater dreams of participating in. Mr. Syed Munir Khasru, Faculty of IBA and Moderator of IBADC, led the Team from IBA. Representing IBA - A were Ridwan Karim and Md. Golam Kibria, representing IBA- B were Shakil Rahman and Anahita Ahmed and representing IBA - C were Muhammad Risalat Siddique and Tanvira Chowdhury. There were two other teams from Bangladesh one from North South University and the other from Dhaka University. The Daily Star Reported.....


3rd BDC Pre-Worlds Debating Championships 07

Muhammad Shafaq Hussain

Debating is a process of gaining knowledge and confidence. Although I'm not a member of any debate clubs, I used to participate in my school. March 1st to 3rd 2007 gave me a lot of experience and generated more interest about debates. I was invited as an adjudicator for the 3rd BDC (Bangladesh Debate Council) Pre-world School Debating Championship 07. It was a real challenge for me and I learned a lot of new things. It was a great opportunity to gain experience and meet new people. I really enjoyed those 3 days and they will be etched in my memory forever. I'd like to thank Azim Bhai for inviting me and encouraging me to participate in the debating program. I would also like to thank BDC. The Daily Star Reported.....

RUET and Mass Communication Champions in Debate Festival

One of the largest debate festivals of the country concluded through auspicious function though in a tense situation in Rajshahi on Monday.  Reception and folk cultural presentation of one of the best five singers of Close-up One Moshiur Rahman Rinku added much more amusement to the function. Rajshahi University of Engineering and Technology (RUET) and Mass Communication Department of Rajshahi University (RU) became Champions in Inter-College and Parliamentary Debate Competition respectively. Moreover, Mahfuzur Rahman Mishu, student of Mass Communication Department of RU annexed champion in the Interpersonal Debate Competition. Mass communication oriented development organization CCD Bangladesh, its co-organization Bangladesh Advanced Students Alliance (BASA) and British Council organized the competition for the first time in Rajshahi. CCD Bangladesh Reported.........

Grand finale of a debating feast


Last year debating in Bangladesh reached a higher altitude as big organizers like Bangladesh Debating Council, Bangladesh Debating Federation, Debate for Democracy, BTV, RTV-AIUB, DUDS, NDDC and IBA launched innumerable debating championships and all of them were a success story. But the greatest highlight came when debaters of the National School Team, selected by BDC, ranked Bangladesh 10th in the world ranking after participating in the 2006 World Schools Debating Championship Wales. The Daily Star Reported.......


Bangladesh Debating Steps Up


Alfred C. Snider aka Tuna


A citizen of Bangladesh has won the Noble Peace Prize, Mohammed Yunnus, but there is a lot more going on in civil society there. Bangladesh has become a major debating nation. Bangladesh finished 10th at the most recent World Schools Debating Championship held in Cardiff, Wales. That was an impressive showing. Rashedul Hasan Stalin has announced that the new Bangladesh Debating Council website is up and available at  .The site documents the activities of debating groups in Bangladesh and the depth of debate involvement in Bangladesh. The Global Debate Blog USA Reported………..

Transparency International Bangladesh Shadow Parliament 2006

Shahreen Raihana

'Here, Sir/Madam MP, take this DVD and see it with your wife/husband tonight, as you relax before the television. The contents might just entertain you!' With these words, the TIB volunteer left a CD with 10 of the prominent parliamentarians of the country. Five of the CD's were stacked away as rubbish for it did not contain names of any well-known movie or film actors-actresses. Of the remaining five, two left it near the computer to be viewed at some later time, while three decided to view it out of pure inquisitiveness. Fortunately, these MPs and their spouse were few of those who did not have anything else to do that night. The EWUDC Reported............

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Bangladesh Ranked 10th in the World Debate Championship


Rashedul Hasan Stalin

Team Bangladesh won the debate 3-0 against the mighty South Africans, Ranked 1 team till the 7th round. Everyone was shocked! People were congratulating us for one of our biggest debating achievements in worlds. Bangladesh has defeated past world champ like Bangladesh Cricket Team defeated Australia back in 2005 in Cardiff. Eventually we broke for the Octo-Finals for the first time in the history of Worlds, and in the final ranking Team Bangladesh ended up with 10th place. We also pleased 4th among all the African, Middle East and Asian participating Countries. The BDC  Reported......

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Debating: Battle of the minds

Debating is considered a battle of the minds. But it's a healthy battle, a healthy competition that helps develop the mental faculties like quick thinking, ability to reason and face the audience with courage. It is encouraging to note that most of the educational institutes of the country are extending full support to the students and faculty members in their efforts to popularise debating as an extra-curricular activity. However the academic institutes where debating is given full support include: Dhaka University, Chittagong University, Jahangirnagar University, Sylhet University of Science and Technology, Rajshahi University, Sylhet International University, North South University, Holy Cross College, Independent University of Bangladesh, AIUB, UIU, Stamford University, People University, South Asian University, State University, Islamic University Kushtia, Mymensingh Debate Federation, Pabna Debate Federation, Drishti, Global Village Rangamati. The Daily Star Reported......


IBA takes debating to soaring heights!

Nabila Amin

It was a moment of truth, a time to both rejoice in the triumph of success as well as to face the harsh reality, an instant that was to change some people's lives forever. Amidst hundreds of throbbing hearts and an intense atmosphere of anticipation that grasped the entire hall room, the verdict began “… and the winner of the IBA National English Debate Championship 2006 is…”. “IBA”, roared the crowd in strong support. Well, both the letters 'I' and 'B' certainly matched except that a 'U' had to come in between. The story of 42 young aspiring individuals finally came to an exhilarating end when it was unveiled on September 18 at Radisson Water Garden Hotel that Independent University of Bangladesh (IUB) emerged triumphant in the event. The Daily Star Reported........

More than a dream


Azim Ahmed


Well…most of the people born under the sign. I was born were all remarkably great writers, but something must have gone wrong in the orbit when I was born, cause I am completely opposite to it. Comparing to writing, I am moderately better speaker and some times my writing sounds like lyric without music. And no wonder my fingers got wired up on the keyboard at the moment. The Daily Star Reported........



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