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Team Bangladesh in the WSDC 2006



The World Schools Debating Championships is the most prestigious event of its type. More than 50 countries have taken part in the tournament since 1988. This year 36 countries participated in this grand event. The Championships was organized by the Wales Center for international Affairs form July 4 to July 14,2006 in Wales, United Kingdom. Team Bangladesh broke for the Octo-Finals for the first time in the history of Worlds, and in the final ranking Team Bangladesh ended up with 10th place. We also pleased 4th among all the African, Middle East and Asian participating Countries.


Team Manager and Coach:

Rashedul Hasan Stalin



  • Safwan Bin Shabab from Scholastica
  • Sohara Mehroz from Manarat International School Dhaka
  • Prathama Komal Nabi from Mastermind
  • Rubaiya Sharin from Mapleleaf International School
  • Farhana Islam Muna from Mastermind


Shadow Adjudicators:  

  • Nadim Saddat from Dhaka Residential Model College
  • Tasriqual Islam Nibir from Notre Dame College


Among all the debaters Prathama had 8 debating rounds, Safwan and Sohara had 7 rounds, Farhana and Rubaiya had 3 and 2 rounds respectively in the WSDC 2006.    


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