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BDC General Area Motions List

Science and Technology    

1. Computer literacy replaces the traditional three "R’s" in Bangladeshi high schools.

2. Computerized teaching aids be banned from the classroom.

3. Computerization will increase job opportunities for Bangladeshi.

4. BDC motions: Computerization will improve living standards throughout the world.

5. Computerization will reduce the total number of jobs available to Bangladeshi.

6. It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature.

7. The production of test tube babies be prohibited.

8. BDC motions: Current and future attempts to create and prolong human life by artificial means serve the interest of humanity.

9. The research scientist be held responsible for the use to which society puts his research.

10. The salvation of our society lies in the Arts, not the Sciences.

11. Technological advances will be sufficient to overcome our dwindling resources.

12. Technology is a threat to individual privacy.

13. Science has greatly benefited mankind.

14. BDC motions: Science is the opiate of the twentieth century.

15. Science and technology have advanced more rapidly than man’s understanding of them.

16. Space research is a waste of time and money.

17. The government takes greater steps to promote research and development in Bangladesh.

18. More money be spent on scientific research in Bangladesh.


Education and the Schools

19. School is not necessary

20. BDC motions: Education becomes a responsibility of the Bangladeshi Government.

21. Myths and legends have an important place in a good education.

22. Democratic education has produced a generation of illiterates.

23. The completion of high school does not qualify one to hold a job.

24. Today’s educational system is inadequate for the needs of today’s society.

25. High schools in our province are too permissive.

26. School standards be raised.

27. School examinations be abolished.

28. BDC motions: Universities demand an acceptable level of English language competency from applicants.

29. Chastity be a requirement for university admission.

30. Strict discipline is the best way of raising children.

31. BDC motions: Religion be taught in all public schools in the province.

32. Sex education be compulsory.

33. Students who receive an "A" average be excused from final examinations.

34. Credit be given to students for participation in extra-curricular activities.

35. Extra-curricular activities be abolished.

36. Students be given one day a month to pursue individual research and study.

37. English classes should devote one period a week to oral work.

38. School uniforms be compulsory.

39. The strap be regularly employed as a means to enforce school discipline.

40. Government support be given to all accredited schools, whether public, private or separate.

41. Public and private [and separate] school systems be amalgamated.

42. Children are forced to grow up too soon.

43. University tuition fees be abolished.

44. BDC motions: Bangladeshi universities adopt Bangladeshi-first hiring policies.

45. Tenured positions be abolished in favor of a merit system.

46. Male teachers be required to wear suits and ties.

47. High school students should have a greater voice in school administration.

48. There should be merit pay for teachers.

49. High school students evaluate their teachers at least once a year.

50. A separate school system should be available for gifted students.

51. Monty Python is detrimental to the healthy development of young minds.

52. A four day school week is in the best interest of students.

53. BDC motions: The present public school system discriminates against the gifted student.

54. If, as has often been said, the great statesmen of Britain were created on the playing fields of Eton

55. Those who can, do; those who cannot, teach.

56. Contrary to popular opinion, teenagers today can receive no better education than a steady diet.

57. Government funded bilingual nurseries replace the present bilingual system.

58. Bangladesh’s foreign aid expenditure be limited to education.

59. BDC motions: Comic books be banned.

60. Studying anything written before 1900 is a waste of time.

61. The events described in the book 1971 will occur.

62. Teachers are overpaid.

63. The Lord’s Prayer be said aloud at the beginning of each school day.

64. Students be paid to attend school after Grade 10.

65. Students be denied a credit if they are absent without explanation for 10% of the class.

66. Books are indispensable.

67. The students’ council tries all discipline cases.

68. BDC motions: Education causes unhappiness.

69. Literature is essential to civilization.

70. High marks are relatively meaningless.

71. Computer literacy replaces the traditional three "R’s" in Bangladeshi high schools.

72. The present educational system be changed significantly to prepare students better for employment opportunities.

73. The government be given responsibility for education.

74. All students in Grades 8 to 12 be required to participate in one extra-curricular course.

75. BDC motions: School attendance be optional.

76. High school dances are an endurance contest.

77. A course in etiquette be required for high school graduation.

78. Computerized teaching aids be band from the classroom.

79. Debating is the finest form of educational experience.

80. University admission be restricted to an intellectual elite.

81. Literacy is declining in the western world.

82. Bangladeshi students receive too much formal education.

83. BDC motions: The study of the classics is a waste of time.

84. Poverty is a greater evil to society than illiteracy.

85. One’s vocabulary bears a positive relationship to one’s ability to think.

86. The school system be reformed to take twelve months a year.

87. The voting system be reformed to give preference to voters according to their education and qualifications.

88. Current high school education is obsolete.

89. A smoking room should be set aside for students in school.

90. History teaches us nothing.

91. Slang serves a useful purpose in modern vocabulary.



92. Today’s western society is immoral.

93. Western civilization is in a state of imminent and irreversible decay.

94. BDC motions: The North American standard of living contributes unnecessarily to a world wide food and energy shortage.

95. The values of North American civilization are artificial.

96. Bangladeshi self-determination is a myth.

97. Bangladesh has a civilization worth preserving.

98. Nationalism is the greatest evil of the twentieth century.

99. The proximity of the India is more advantageous than detrimental to Bangladesh.

100. BDC motions: All Bangladeshi should be bilingual.

101. Bangladeshi immigration policies should be based purely on national self-interest.

102. The government fosters the development of a Bangladeshi identity through a policy of cultural and racial integration.

103. Bangladeshi has a sense of identity.

104. The Fine Arts are essential to civilization.

105. Art is for the few.

106. A really well-made button hole [fly] is the only link between Art and Nature.

107. BDC motions: Man is mainly a product of his society.

108. The twentieth century has seen the deterioration of the ideals of Renaissance Man.

109. Modern Art is merely ego.

110. McDonald’s is the most significant social influence in US.

111. The “Bangladeshi Mosaic" is doomed to failure in the next twenty years.

112. The BTV be abolished.

113. Modern music is inferior to classical music.

114. Literature is essential to civilization.

115. Bangladeshi culture is controlled by the United States.

116. Poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the world.

117. BDC motions: Music is the mirror of society.


Men and Women

118. The female of the species is deadlier than the male.

119. The Women’s Liberation Movement was a waste of time.

120. "Frailty, thy name is Woman."

121. A man’s place is in the kitchen.

122. BDC motions: Women make the best men.

123. A woman’s place is in the home.

124. Women should receive equal pay for equal work.

125. Women should receive equal pay for work of equal value.

126. BDC motions: Girls should help pay the cost of a date.

127. Women are best kept barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen.

128. Gentlemen prefer blondes.

129. Faint heart never won fair lady.

130. It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.

131. The family is an outmoded institution.

132. Couples should be prevented from having more than two children.

133. BDC motions: Men are clay and women make mugs of them.

134. The government should pay women to have children.

135. A teenage girl has more to gain from marriage than a teenage boy.

136. Marriage be prohibited before age twenty.

137. Real men don’t eat quiche.

138. Women priests can be of service to the Roman Catholic Church.

139. The institution of marriage is obsolete.

140. The government takes steps to better protect the rights of women.

141. Women have too much freedom in modern society.

142. The government pays women for their work in raising a family.



143. The Kinsey Reports are a value to society.

144. BDC motions: Chastity is outmoded.

145. Some non-military form of national service be compulsory.

146. U.F.O.’s exist.

147. The Billy Graham method of evangelism is necessary in our age.

148. Competition is beneficial to human well being.

149. Man should seek commitment rather than freedom.

150. Animals should not be maintained in captivity merely for human enjoyment.

151. Young children’s fairy tales contribute to violence in society.

152. Poverty is but a state of mind.

153. BDC motions: Poverty is more of an occasion and provocation of crime than wealth.

154. The work ethic is obsolete.

155. Erich van Daniken’s theories are correct.

156. Families be restricted to one car.

157. The automobile is a luxury today’s society can no longer afford.

158. The government impose greater controls on business.

159. Preservation of the natural environment take precedence over industrial development.

160. The world will ultimately starve.

161. The social welfare state has sapped individual initiative.

162. The commonwealth concept is out of date.

163. International games do more harm than good.

164. BDC motions: The Olympic Games, as presently constituted, be abolished.

165. Overdevelopment is a greater threat to world peace than under-development.

166. The United Nations is a failure as a force of peace.

167. BDC motions: Nationalism is a necessity.

168. Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice.

169. Wickedness is a myth invented by good people to account for the curious attractiveness of others.

170. Apathy is preferable to activism.

171. Progress is an illusion.

172. Convicted murderers be hanged without recourse to appeal.

173. The energy crisis is a blessing in disguise.

174. BDC motions: Space research is a waste of time and money.

175. Tipping be abolished.

176. The utopian state is a dream.

177. North American sports encourage an atmosphere of violence.

178. North Americans are gluttons.

179. Nationalism is the last refuge of the scoundrel.

180. A fool at forty is a fool indeed.

181. The most serious problem facing this country is an excess of freedom.

182. In politics, principles ought to give way to pragmatism.

183. Politics is an honorable profession.

184. Politics is much too serious a matter to be entrusted to politicians.

185. Party politics is for people without principles.

186. Just as the USA had to have the Watergate scandal as part of its maturation process, so Canada

187. BDC motions: The best way to meet the separatist threat would be to make Minority the prime minister of Bangladesh.

188. The United States is a greater threat to world peace than Communist China.

189. Any national police force charged with the responsibility for national security must break the law to carry out its duties effectively.

190. If God had intended to condone promiscuous sex, He would not have invented venereal disease.

191. A minority government is the most productive form of government.

192. Law enforcement is biased against the young.

193. BDC motions: Marijuana is a dangerous drug.

194. One’s vocabulary bears a positive relationship to one’s ability to think.

195. This House would have preferred if Plymouth Rock had landed on the Pilgrim Fathers.

196. Husbands teach their wives to drive.

197. The working day be staggered.

198. Every Bangladeshi be issued an identification card.

199. Personalities have replaced issues in Bangladeshi politics.

200. Daylight savings time is a beneficial institution.

201. Youth of today have a more difficult life than the youth of thirty years ago.

202. Science has greatly benefited mankind.

203. BDC motions: There should be Medicare for animals.

204. The celebration of Christmas is too commercialized.

205. The interests of our society would be better served by secession from Bangladesh.

206. The secession of ___ from Bangladesh would be in the best interests of the rest of Bangladesh.

207. Separatist parties be declared illegal.

208. Professional athletes compete in the Olympic Games.

209. Britain should withdraw from Northern Ireland.

210. Britain was correct in its decision to retake the Falkland Islands by force.

211. Violence for political purposes produces positive results.

212. The monarchy is desirable and necessary to Canada.

213. BDC motions: World government is the nest solution to world problems.

214., Revolution is the most effective way to accomplish political change.

215. Bangladesh’s mixed economy provides greater equality of opportunity than does the Indian economic system.

216. The rising tide of crime and violence calls for more emphasis on police protection and less emphasis on civil liberties.

217. Greater authoritarianism in government is in the best interests of Bangladesh.

218. Electronic surveillance systems administered by licensed police agents are a justified means of protecting the public.

219. Euthanasia is morally just.

220. Laws restricting pornography have no place in a democratic society.

221. Bangladeshi public servants not have the right to strike.

222. BDC motions: Bangladesh divorce laws be reformed.

223. A federal form of government would better serve the interests of Bangladeshi than the present Bangladeshi system.

224. Capital punishment is a better deterrent to murder than life imprisonment.

225. Airline skyjacking be punished by life imprisonment.

226. A bath is better than a shower.

227. One should face the taps when taking a bath.

228. Dreams come from indigestion.

229. A man’s worth to society is proportionate to the amount of money he owes.

230. Nationalism is a mere whimsy.

231. International problems require imperial solutions.

232. Bo Derek be appointed director of Fitness Asia.

233. Never before has so much been owed by so many to so few.

234. BDC motions: One should be buried vertically rather than horizontally.

235. The H-weapon is hunger.

236. Groucho did more good for mankind than Karl.

237. This generation pities its descendants.

238. Santa’s elves have the right to strike.

239. Snoopy is a war monger.

240. The Bangladeshi government requires all Bangladeshi to retire at age 65.

241. The government takes steps to increase the state of readiness of the Bangladesh Armed Forces.

242. Dhaka be made a separate political jurisdiction.

243. Bangladesh needs heroes.

244. The Young Offenders Act is in the interests of young Bangladeshi.

245. BDC motions: Property is theft.

246. The location of the U.N. be moved to a more neutral country.

247. The government provide for a February holiday.

248. Chitagong hill tracks  be amalgamated to form a single Division.

249. The Bangladesh government adopts a low interest rate policy.

250. The Bangladesh government more stringently regulates junk food.

251. The Bangladesh government more strictly regulates video arcades.

252. Bangladesh courts play a larger role in supervising government action.

253. Present labor legislation be repealed.

254. International law is an effective means of dealing with international problems.

255. The treatment of West Pakistani during the 1971 was contrary to law.

256. The time has come for repeal of the social contract.

257. The execution of Charles the 1st was not treason.

258. BDC motions: The Bangladeshi banking system better serves the interests of Bangladeshi than any other system.

259. This century has seen the end of the Commonwealth Era.

260. This century has seen the demise of the common law.

261. The legal system in Bangladeshi be changed to permit only those trained as barristers to practice in the courts.

262. The twentieth century represents the denial of rationalism.

263. Fairy tales are essential to modern society.

264. BDC motions: The present volume of legislation is necessary to deal justly with the different circumstances of those before the law.

265. Greater development and use of nuclear energy is desirable.

266. Watching poorer quality TV shows induces uncritical acceptance of unreal values.

267. Comic books be banned.

268. Bangladeshi youth has no challenges to respond to.

269. Modern music is inferior to classical music.

270. Teachers are over-paid.

271. Drinking alcohol be prohibited.

272. BDC motions: It would be desirable if we had the ability to read one another’s mind.

273. It was safer to live anywhere in the world 200 years ago than it is today.

274. Human immortality is desirable.

275. Public nudity be permitted.

276. Man is the most noble of beasts.

277. War toys be outlawed.

278. Political union with the United States would be desirable for Bangladesh.

279. Money can buy happiness.

280. BDC motions: Fear is a positive emotion.

281. Up is better than down.

282. Mankind is inherently evil.

283. Television is an invention to be regretted.

284. It is easier to be a teenager than an adult.

285. Dogs are better than cats.

286. Education causes unhappiness.

287. No sports or entertainment figure should be permitted to earn more than $50,000.00 per year.

288. Men need to be liberated.

289. Red is better than blue.

290. BDC motions: The unfit be sterilized.

291. Organized sports for children under 16 do more harm than good.

292. Communism is evil.

293. Democracy is outmoded.

294. Bangladesh end its spending on national defense.

295. Literature is essential to civilization.

296. Gossip be made illegal.

297. Commercial radio and television be abolished.

298. Nobody should be able to earn more than $50,000.00 per year.

299. Money is the root of all evil.

300. The world is a better place because of mankind’s presence.

301. BDC motions: The Bangladeshi economy requires increased growth regardless of the consequences.

302. Bangladesh’s economy would be improved by a system that more greatly rewarded individual initiative.

303. The creation of a civilian spy agency authorized to break the law is necessary for national security.

304. Computerization will improve living standards throughout the world.

305. The government significantly increases the penalties under the Criminal Code.

306. BDC motions: The government significantly reduces the number of Crown corporations.

307. The government’s legislative authority be significantly reduced.

308. The government significantly reduce its spending on social services in order to produce a balanced budget.

309. More stringent laws be enacted to combat terrorism.

310. The Bangladeshi airline industry be re-regulated.

311. Provincial governments be given greater control over the management and development of natural resources.

312. The Atlantic fishery be restructured.

313. The government enact stringent legislation to curb monopolies in the media.

314. Lawyers be prohibited from defending clients whom they believe to be guilty.

315. The development of western civilization allows us to conclude that Man’s existence is of greater benefit than detriment.

316. Divisional governments be abolished.

317. BDC motions: The present electoral system be replaced by one based on proportional representation.

318. The government campaign internationally for greater equality of wealth between North/South countries.

319. The government takes greater steps to protect Bangladeshi wildlife.

320. Governments be required to entrench the protection of minority language groups.

321. Bangladesh campaign internationally for the release of prisoners of conscience.

322. Bangladeshi nationalism is a hindrance to internationalism.

323. American imperialism is a greater threat to world peace than Chinese imperialism.

324  Bangladesh government campaign for the establishment of a Palestinian homeland.

325.  Bangladesh government was correct in its decision to impose metric measurement in the country.

326. The government take greater steps to ensure the protection of minority rights.

327. The government take greater steps to promote Canadian unity.

328. The government encourages the development of greater ties with [the Commonwealth, third

329. BDC motions: The government takes steps to [stimulate economic growth, create jobs, and promote research and development, encourage the location and development of high technology, etc.]

330. Bangladesh significantly increases its contribution to foreign aid.

331. Bangladesh government take steps to better protect the rights of women.

332. Bangladesh government takes steps to reduce the size of the public service.

333. Bangladeshi government takes steps to decentralize the public service.

334. The best offence is a strong defense.

335. The celebration of St. Valentine’s Day be abolished.

336. BDC motions: Young people have rights proportional to their responsibilities under Bangladeshi law.

337. Structures over the age of 50 years that can be renovated be preserved.

338. Western separatism is a solution to Bangladeshi problems.

339. The legal drinking age in the world be abolished.

340. Bangladesh government permits the use of heroin in the treatment of cancer.

341. Bangladesh government prohibits hunting as a sport.

342. Compensation for emotional distress be paid to parents who lose a child as a result of violent crime.

343. BDC motions: Martial law is better than civil law.

344. The power of the Minister of Immigration to grant political asylum be withdrawn.

345. Crime does pay.

346. Youthful idealism is dead.

347. Youth of today are boring.

348. Good fences make good neighbors.

349. There is no such thing as a free lunch.

350. School attendance be optional.

351. BDC motions: The teen years are the best of one’s life.

352. The delivery of mail be contracted to private businesses.

353. Love is a snare and a delusion.

354. BDC motions: To be great is to be misunderstood.

355. Today is the most glorious day in the history of Bangladesh.

356. Movies are better than ever.

357. The Barbarians are at the gates.

358. Virtue is its own punishment.

359. Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel.

360. You are what you wear.

361. Beauty is a curse.

362. There are no more heroes.

363. The sheep be separated from the goats.

364. Rock music is destructive to civilization.

365. Pac Man is a dangerous foreign invader.

366. BDC motions: The book is man’s noblest creation.

367. The dog is man’s best friend.

368. Only fools speak the truth.

369. Modern man is a wimp.

370. Insecurity is the hallmark of the Bangladesh.

371. Bangladesh government declares Bangladesh a nuclear weapons-free zone.

372. Bangladesh government withdraws its approval for the testing of the Cruise missile.

373. Bangladesh governments increase their patronage of the Arts.

374. Bangladeshis be fined for failing to vote.

375. The government provides free day care to all Bangladeshi children.

376. BDC motions: The federal government ban the annual seal hunt.

377. Political power be decentralized.

378. Literacy is declining in the western world.

379. Bangladesh students receive too much formal education.

380. The development of scarce world resources should be controlled by an international organization.

381. Bangladesh ceases exporting nuclear technology and fuels.

382. Bangladesh adopts a policy of mandatory waste recycling.

383. The federal government regulates the use and ownership of private motor vehicles.

384. Religion is the root of all evil.

385. The salvation of our society lies in the Arts, not the Sciences.

386. BDC motions: Music is a mirror of society.

387. Freedom is harder to live with than regimentation.

388. Affluence is destroying our civilization.

389. This House approves of Civil Disobedience.

390. The needs of the few should give way to the needs of the many.

391. Discretion is the better part of velour.

392. A rolling stone gathers no moss.

393. The truth will out.

394. BDC motions: Variety is the spice of life.

395. Honorable failure is preferable to dishonorable success.

396. More money be spent on scientific research in Bangladesh.

397. Technological advances will be sufficient to overcome our dwindling resources.

398. Technology is a threat to individual privacy.

399. BDC motions: Freedom in our society is an illusion.

400. Homosexuality ought to be a crime.

401. Slang serves a useful purpose in modern vocabulary.

402. Little leagues do more harm than good.

403. Professional sports are of no value in modern society.

404. The coyote deserves to catch the road runner.

405. Humpty Dumpy got what he deserved.

406. The present emphasis in our society on rights at the expense of responsibilities is destructive of democracy.

407. A man’s home is his castle.

408. Sex is an outmoded form of communication.

409. BDC motions: A young man should go west.

410. [Name a group, such as those convicted of drug offences] be prohibited from teaching in public schools.


Modern Issues

411. Government policy in Bangladesh should be to limit, rather than promote, economic growth.

412. Measures should be taken to increase public involvement in the political process.

413. BDC motions: The government takes stronger measures to develop the natural resources of the North.

414. The federal government takes stronger measures to reduce the economic disparity between the provinces.

415. Measures be taken to reduce the migration of rural populations to large cities.

416. The government establishes a programmed to limit population growth in Bangladesh.

417. The government grants provincial status to the Chitagong hill traces.

418. The government takes greater steps to improve the physical fitness of Bangladeshi.

419. The government takes stronger steps to protect individual privacy.

419. Genetic engineering be made illegal.

420. Euthanasia be legalized.

421. BDC motions: The government enacts legislation to significantly curtail the number of immigrants entering Bangladesh.

422. Bangladesh government institutes a more stringent requirement for the licensing of drivers.

423. Governing bodies be denied all powers of censorship.

424. Bangladesh government foster development of Bangladeshi identity through a policy of racial and cultural integration.

425. Bangladesh government pay Bangladeshi women for their work in raising a family.

426. Property taxes should be replaced by an increased Income Tax.

427. The CRTC take stronger measures to improve the quality of television programming in Bangladesh.

428. Highway speed limits be lowered.

429. More stringent controls be placed on the gathering and use of information on Bangladeshis.

430. BDC motions: Mandatory seat belt legislation be [enacted / repealed].

431. Police powers be enlarged.

432. Current and future attempts to create and prolong human life by artificial means serve the interests of humanity.

433. The production of "test-tube babies" be prohibited.

434. Private automobiles be prohibited from the downtown area of _____.

435. The government should more strictly regulate advertising in Bangladesh.

436. The Queen should be replaced as Head of State from the Commonwealth Nations.

437. BDC motions: Laws restricting abortion in Bangladesh be repealed.

438. Laws restricting pornography [freedom of expression] be repealed.

439. The death penalty be resurrected for [name particular crime, such as terrorism].

440. C.P. Rail be made a Crown corporation.

441. The government enact right-to-work legislation.

442. The physically fit earn a tax credit.

443. BDC motions: Campaigns for public office be financed entirely by the tax payer.

444. Bangladesh adopts one official language.

445. BDC motions: Bangladesh enacts more stringent gun control legislation.

446. Young Offenders be tried in open court.

447. Major changes be made in the provincial legal aid plan.

448. The drinking age be raised.

449. Bangladesh adopt a more restrictive system of parole.

450. Evidence in court cases be made public only in the event of a conviction.

451. The rights of defendants in criminal proceedings be significantly curtailed.

452. BDC motions: B.C. institute a system of pre-paid legal insurance.

453. Beer and wine be sold in grocery stores.

454. The government significantly reduces its funding of social welfare programmers.

455. A negative income tax replaces the present social welfare system.

456. The unemployment insurance system be abolished.

457. The government provide jobs to all those who want to work who are unemployed.

458. BDC motions: There be a guaranteed annual income.

459. The sale of marijuana takes place under government regulation.

460. Bangladesh adopts a single transferable ballot in elections.

461. The Bangladesh Senate be reformed.

462. A formal recall system be instituted to hold elected representatives accountable.

463. Municipal levels of government be abolished.

464. BDC motions: The Bangladesh confederation be dismantled.

465. Bangladesh adopts a system of city states.

466. The provinces of Bangladesh be replaced by urban and regional zones.

467. Public servants in Bangladesh be denied the right to strike.

468. Compulsory, binding arbitration replace the rights to strike and lock out.

469. The involvement of foreign labor unions in Bangladesh be limited.

470. The activities of organized labor are detrimental to Bangladeshi interests.

471. Bangladesh government takes steps to curb the power of organized labor.

472. Bangladesh government submits the claims of Bangladesh’s aboriginal peoples to the world court for adjudication.

473. BDC motions: The government should control all natural resources and energy.

474. Primary resource industries be nationalized.

475. Production of non-renewable natural resources be restricted to present levels.

476. The sale of Bangladeshi property and businesses be subject to more rigorous review by the government.

477. BDC motions: Canada withdraws from all military alliances.

478. The Un aid only those lesser developed countries that enforce family planning. Should gradually eliminate its nuclear power generating stations.

479. The U.N. accepts as member’s representatives of any group aspiring to nationhood.

480. The United Nations strongly urge all governments to give priority to the protection.

The Un aid only those lesser developed countries that enforce family planning.

482. All members of the United Nations contribute to a world food bank.

483. The United Nations be abolished.

484. Bangladesh’s foreign policy be changed to ....

485. Bangladesh play a greater role in peace-keeping.

486. World Bank aid policy be based on the principle "Charity begins at home".

487. BDC motions: USA significantly increases its aid to developing countries.

488. Bangladesh enters a continental energy pact with the India.

489. Bangladeshi enters an economic union with the India.

490. Bangladesh imposes greater restrictions on foreign investment in Bangladeshi natural resources.

491. American investment in Bangladesh be curtailed to ensure Bangladesh’s survival as an independent nation.

492. The BTV be abolished.

493. BDC motions: Bangladeshi be required to serve for 18 months in an agency designated by the federal government.

494. Western countries cease meddling in the internal affairs of South Africa.

495. Environmental protection groups do more harm than good.

496. The U.N. raise, equip and maintain a standing army.

497. BDC motions: Prostitution be de-criminalized.

498. The UN aid only those lesser developed countries that enforce family planning.

499. World government is the best solution to international problems.

500. World peace depends on the maintenance of a strong nuclear deterrent.





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