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BDC Off Beat Motions List

 1) Circumstances make the man
 2) There are no more heroes
 3) We should forgive and forget
 4) Money matters most
 5) We should question authority
 6) BDC Motions: When in doubt, run
 7) When in doubt, delay
 8) Heroism is folly
 9) This house would not fight for queen and country
10) The cup runneth over
11) All the world is a stage
12) Looks are the key to success
13) This house would rather watch
14) This house prefers chaos to order
15) BDC Motions: We have too much freedom
16) He who hesitates is lost
17) One should always forgive one's enemies, but only after they have been hanged
18) There is nothing that is really new
19) Good fences make good neighbours
20) Neither a borrower nor a lender be
21) Every man has his price
22) This house would have peace at any price
23) We should never compromise on principles
24) Predictability is a mistake
25) BDC Motions: Nice guys finish last
26) This house would rather keep them guessing
27) Caution is the best policy
28) This house believes that if you want peace you must prepare for war
29) Convictions are prisons
30) We get what we deserve
31) Nothing succeeds like success
32) BDC Motions: We should always get even
33) Freedom is overrated (you can replace "freedom" with some other term)
34) This house would rather fight than switch
35) Happiness is a full stomach
36) Honesty is the greatest virtue (you can replace "honesty" with some other term)
37) We should seek commitment rather than freedom
38) Loyalty is folly
39) The world wants to be bullied
40) It is better to burn out than to rust
41) Progress is an illusion
42) Beauty is solely in the eye of the beholder
43) BDC Motions: We care too much
44) It is better to give than to receive
45) This house regrets civilization
46) Memory does more harm than good
47) This house should follow its instincts
48) This house would follow its instincts
49) This house considers it better to win than to play by the rules
50) Money is the root of evil
51) Honesty does more harm than good
52) We should go with the crowd
53) This house would have freedom before all else
54) We are the servants and not the masters of our machines
55) Might makes right
56) Right makes might
57) We are too serious
58) BDC Motions: Revenge is sweet
59) It is better to live in a fool's paradise than to exist in a wise man's hell
60) We should seek moderation in all things
61) There are no absolutes
62) Rank has too many privileges
63) This house would not want to be in charge
64) BDC Motions: Boredom is the worst fate
65) This house believes that money can buy happiness
66) We should go for the gusto
67) Personality is more important than ability
68) This house would kick the tires
69) Faith is folly
70) We should follow the law rather than our consciences
71) Our education is too narrow
72) Revolution is preferable to reform
73) This house would put security before all else
74) Slow and steady wins the race
75) Pride goes before a fall
76) BDC Motions: Never admit defeat
77) Bullies win
78) We should never worry
79) Ignorance is bliss
80) We want too much
81) BDC Motions: We have too much
82) We know too much
83) We regret progress
84) We regret technology
85) The truth will set you free
86) We need more order
87) We need more rules
88) We need more freedom
89) Necessity can justify anything
90) BDC Motions: Where you stand depends entirely upon where you sit
91) We should always confuse the issue
92) We should always play by the rules
93) We should always put the rights of the individual before those of society
94) A new broom sweeps best
95) Those who do not complain do not gain
96) BDC Motions: No pain, no gain
97) Dreams are as important as actions
98) Extremism is always a vice
99) Avoid principles
100) When the Gods wish to punish us, they answer our prayers
101) The virtues of society are the vices of a saint
102) Never trust the sociable
103) It is a luxury to be understood
104) It is better to know everybody than everything
105) Where there is smoke there is fire
106) The pen is mightier than the sword
107) Extremism in defence of liberty is no vice
108) BDC Motions: Never hesitate
109) Better a live coward than a dead hero
110) Compromise is best
111) Glory is not worth the price
112) We should never give a sucker an even break
113) It is better to reign in hell than to serve in heaven
114) We should not ask questions
115) No good can come from bad
116) We would rather not know
117) It is better to live in chains than to be free
118) The ordinary man has no future
119) This house prefers revolution to evolution
120) This house regrets nationalism
121) This house would choose stability over progress
122) A man in armour is the armour's slave
123) Fear is the best peacemaker
124) BDC Motions: An empty barrel makes the most noise
125) This house prefers emotion to reason
126) We should decide with our hearts, not with our heads
127) We decide with our hearts, not with our heads
128) BDC Motions: We should slow down
129) If you give them an inch, they will take a mile
130) Society is irrational
131) Nothing of real value can be learned
132) This house regrets ambition
133) The duller, the better
134) We have all of the answers, it's the will that we lack
135) The more we have, the more we want
136) The best way out is through
137) What we require is easy, the problem is getting the superfluous
138) We are never satisfied
139) We should never be satisfied
140) It would not be better if things happened to men just as they wish
141) To great evils we submit - it is little provocations that we resent
142) The world would be better off without symbols
143) BDC Motions: Anger is a virtue
144) The individual has no effect on the world
145) Everything is relative
146) We prefer pragmatism to principle
146) We should prefer pragmatism to principle
148) We concentrate on the trivial
149) As goes America, so goes the world
150) BDC Motions: One is vain by nature, modest by necessity
151) There is nothing worse than a bad reputation
152) We are what we think that we are
153) If we look after the little things, the big things will take care of themselves
154) History is determined by trends, not individuals
155) It is better to have a full heart than a full stomach
156) We would rather be right than successful
157) We would rather do the successful thing than do the right thing
158) Our lives proceed more by accident than by design
159) The future is out of our control
160) Character is the key to success
161) Our goals should always exceed our abilities
162) BDC Motions: In politics, secrecy is best
163) Sisyphus was basically a happy man
164) The great are only great because we are on our knees
165) Every hero becomes a bore at last
166) History is a nightmare from which we are struggling to awake
167) History is the biography of great men
168) To travel hopefully is better than to arrive
169) It is human nature to think wisely and act foolishly
170) A humanitarian is always a hypocrite
171) BDC Motions: Charity is a mistake
172) Nothing can resist an idea whose time has come
173) There is nothing stronger than ideas
174) This house would choose death before dishonour
175) This house would let the public be damned
176) Two heads are better than one
177) Fashion is a despot whom the wise ridicule and obey
178) BDC Motions: If you wish to win a man's heart, allow him to win.
179) Good swimmers are the most likely to be drowned
180) There is nothing so habit-forming as money
181) There is nothing as addictive as power
182) Power corrupts
183) Law exists just to serve wealth
184) We should adopt the policy from each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs
185) We should lead from behind
186) America is a country that does not know where it is going, but is determined to set a speed record getting there
187) BDC Motions: America is the most dangerous country on earth
188) The business of America is business
189) The business of Canada is business
190) Man is what he believes
191) This house would support censorship
192) Intelligence is over-rated
193) Books are the curse of the human race
194) There is nothing permanent except change
195) BDC Motions: Character is destiny
196) As the twig is bent the tree inclines
197) This house would rather live in cities
198) We should be citizens of the world rather than of nations
199) Cynicism is more deadly than war
200) It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees
201) The best goals are those that are unattainable
202) We are fools for false notions, boldly stated
203) This house should ignore public opinion
204) The public well being requires that men should betray, lie and massacre
205) The public well being requires hypocrisy
206) BDC Motions: Good government requires hypocrisy
207) All rising to a great place is by a winding stair
208) Nations have neither friends nor enemies, only interests
209) Government does enough for us when it does not harm us
210) It is more damaging to say foolish things than to do them
211) It is more shameful to mistrust one's friends than to be deceived by them
212) The art of living is more like wrestling than dancing
213) We are more often liked for our defects than for our qualities
214) There is more difference within the sexes than between them
215) Love is a kind of warfare
216) Habit is everything
217) When a man forgets his ideals he may find happiness, but not until then
218) This house is worried about the fire next door
219) It is not enough to do good; one must do it in the right way
220) BDC Motions: The means are at least as important as the ends
221) Excess is the key to success
222) Virtue needs limits
223) Fidelity to large truths often requires betraying smaller ones
224) Fidelity to large principles often requires betraying smaller ones
225) The path of duty lies in what is near and man seeks for it in what is remote
226) We as often repent the good we have done as the bad
227) Much will have more
228) BDC Motions: Desire is the very essence of man
229) Students learn from their peers, not from the teacher
230) It is better to overreact than to underreact
231) This house believes that we should work less
232) This house regrets the passing of the dodo
233) This house believes that formal education is overrated
234) This house believes that the truth should never be concealed
235) This house believes that criminals deserve our sympathy
236) This house believes that materialism matters most
237) This house believes that all work and no play makes Jack a winner
238) This house believes that religion does more harm than good
239) This house believes that the classless society is a dangerous pipe dream
240) This house believes that travel no longer broadens the mind
241) This house believes that Rambo should be our role model
241) This house believes that Rambo is our role model
242) BDC Motions: This house would always look after number one
243) This house would give up
244) It is more difficult to be an honourable man for a week than a hero for 15 minutes
245) Timing is everything
246) The centre cannot hold
247) That which does not kill us makes us stronger
248) BDC Motions: It is better to ask forgiveness after the event rather than to ask permission beforehand
249) This house believes that civilization has failed
250) This house believes that civilization is a fraud
251) This house would ban blood sports
252) This house believes that it is better for a leader to be feared than loved
253) This house believes that money is corrupting sport
254) This house believes that though the people should support the government, the government should not support the people
255) This house believes that the greatest virtues are only splendid sins
256) War can never bring peace
257) Tradition is more a liberator than a jailer
258) We are our brother's keepers
259) Society needs more rebellion and less conformity
260) BDC Motions: Planning to be second best is the best strategy for survival
261) The best way to gather is to scatter
262) Those who are only just are cruel
263) We should accept inequality
264) Where the press is safe, all are safe
265) Liberty has restraints but no frontiers
266) A map of the world that does not include utopia is not worth looking at
267) White lies are the best ushers to black ones
268) God is on the side of the big battalions
269) The fire of anger that you kindle for your enemy more often burns you than him
270) It is better for ambition to creep than to soar
271) Luck is more important than skill
272) Liberalism has gone too far
273) Procrastination is a virtue
274) We do not deserve our fate
275) Memory is our worst enemy
276) This house would rather not succeed
277) This house prefers the law of the jungle
278) BDC Motions: Chivalry is dead
279) This house is glad that chivalry is dead
280) This house prefers the good old days
281) This house would boldly go where no one has gone before
282) BDC Motions: Appetite comes with eating
283) When in doubt, do nothing
284) This house expects a storm
285) The system has failed
286) What is wrong with America can be fixed by what is right with America
287) What is wrong with Canada can be fixed by what is right with Canada
288) This house believes in magic
289) Resistance is futile
290) This house prefers brawn to brain
291) This house believes in stereotypes
292) BDC Motions: Science has the answer to world problems
293) There is a case for terrorism
294) Democracy is the answer
295) Change is good
296) This house would rather switch than fight
297) The US is more of a villain than a hero
297) The Western world is more of a villain than a hero
298) We have failed
299) BDC Motions: It is all an illusion
300) All that we really need to know, we learned in kindergarten
301) The important answers are all simple ones
302) Simplicity is the answer
303) We are in the eye of the hurricane
304) We need to let go
307) It's safer in the dark
308) Don't worry, be happy
309) We must go faster
310) We should stick to basics
311) This house has no soul
312) The glass is half empty, not half full
313) We have gone too far
314) Mercy is a mistake
315) The dream is dead
317) BDC Motions: Patience is a mistake
318) Winning is everything
319) This house is whistling in the dark
320) This house should have faith
321) This house has not yet begun to fight
322) This house would rally around the flag
323) This house cannot see the forest for the trees
324) We should sleep soundly
325) This house has faith
326) This house believes that the right to vote is more important than the right to eat
327) This house believes that apathy is the root of evil
328) This house believes that censorship is against the public interest
329) This house would rather be beautiful than intelligent
330) We should mind our own business
331) We are going backwards
332) BDC Motions: Wealth wins
333) These are the best of times
334) Entertainment corrupts
335) Entertainment is the downfall of society
336) Society needs more conformity and less rebellion
337) BDC Motions: This house believes that the shorter our memory, the better
338) Democracy is a farce
339) This house believes that these are the best of times
340) Food first, then ethics
341) This house worships false idols
342) Imagination is more important than knowledge
343) BDC Motions: We are too cynical
344) It is not the insurrections of ignorance that are dangerous, but the results of intelligence
345) We are too intolerant
346) We are too merciful
347) We are too critical
348) Technology has outstripped morality
349) Feminism is corrupting the family
350) Tourists are a global menace
351) We should not interfere in other people’s wars
352) Tradition is holding us back
353) This house prefers lightning to thunder
354) Social injustice justifies violent action
355) BDC Motions: Feminism is folly
356) This house values loyalty too highly
357) This house values victory above all else
358) It doesn't get better than this
359) We know not what we do
360) There is no way out
361) We have no real choices
362) Ambition is folly
363) The older, the better
364) BDC Motions: We are being fools
365) This house should be less worried about the means and more worried about the ends
366) We are being fooled
367) We need more confidence
368) The best plan is to rely on the folly of others
369) You will be safest in the middle
370) Patience is the best remedy for trouble
371) A great fortune is a great slavery
372) We should be more pragmatic
373) We think too much
374) We are too concerned with the big picture
375) An oppressive government is better than no government
376) We have the all of the advantages
377) This house practices what it preaches
378) BDC Motions: We should be more grateful
379) This house aims too high
380) This house sees only what it wants to see
381) This house prefers fame to fortune
382) This house prefers style to substance
383) We should turn back
384) This house has too much knowledge and too little wisdom
385) This house does not learn from its mistakes
386) This house would turn back the clock
387) We have sold out
388) This house has hit the wall
389) This house believes that more is better
390) This house goes too far
391) BDC Motions: We will win in the end
392) Cowards win
393) Truth varies
394) Our lives are shaped primarily by fear
395) The needs of the community should take precedence over the rights of the individual
396) The cause of America is the cause of all mankind
397) Change is the only constant
398) This house believes that poverty is the mother of crime
399) This house believes that the permissive society has gone too far
400) BDC Motions: Telling the truth is a bad habit
401) Schooling stifles individuality
402) This house believes that the profit motive is the best motive
403) This house believes that we are prisoners of a materialistic society
404) Hedonism is the national religion
405) BDC Motions: Feminism has failed society
406) Censorship should be left to the individual
407) Order is more important than justice
408) Morality is an anachronism
409) We should welcome conflict
410) TV families set a good example
411) It is better to be a bully than a wimp
412) The information superhighway is a road to nowhere
413) Courtesy is out of date
414) Education is wasted on the young
415) Today's role models aren't
416) BDC Motions: Romanticism is for wimps
417) This house prefers big government to lower taxes
418) We buy the sizzle not the steak
419) Life is too convenient
420) We are judged by the content of our characters
421) Rule by the masses is preferable to rule by the elite
422) To rule by fear is to rule completely
423) Competition is superior to cooperation in the achievement of excellence
424) The government that governs least governs best
425) Global concerns ought to be valued above conflicting national concerns
426) The rights of the individual infringe unreasonably on the rights of society
427) National boundaries are out of date
428) This house looks forward to the 21st century
429) This house prefers style to comfort1) We need more sheepdogs
430) Pink elephants have nasty tempers
431) Bangladesh is a truck, not a sportscar
432) BDC Motions: Diamonds are a girl's best friend
432) Shamrocks should be crushed
433) We need greener lawns
434) Winter is better than you think
435) We should all be cowboys
436) TV is everything
437) This house would dance with the devil in the pale moonlight
438) TV commercials are right
439) Slow and steady wins the race, but doesn't enjoy it as much
440) Clocks are great
441) Mice are nice
442) Santa Claus is a communist plot
443) Darth Vader had the right idea
444) Ketchup is essential
445) Never believe us
446) The mouse should be our national symbol (you may substitute some other animal)
447) BDC Motions: Red is rotten
448) The mirror is mankind's worst invention
449) We all want to be cowboys
450) Life is a highway
451) Violence is the answer
452) With the lights out, it's less dangerous
453) All that we ever really needed to know, we learned in kindergarten
454) BDC Motions: We are eggshells
455) Elvis lives
456) This house would rather be a tortoise than a hare
457) This house would keep its powder dry
459) This house has no taste
460) We would rather be Vulcans
461) We would rather be Klingons
462) This house believes everything that it reads
463) The National Enquirer is right
464) No one ever went broke underestimating the public
465) This house would sell snake oil
466) There's gold in them thar hills
467) We would accept the Trojan Horse
468) It's not over until the fat lady sings
469) The colder, the better
470) We should keep moving
471) BDC Motions: Tomorrow never comes
472) This house prefers sunset to sunrise
473) Quantity is better than quality
474) We should not ask for whom the bell tolls
475) This house would bury its head in the sand
476) We would rather be a trumpet than a violin
477) This house would nuke the whales
478) This house is casting pearls before swine
479) BDC Motions: Life is a video game
480) This house is a parrot, not an eagle
481) The eagle may soar but the beaver doesn't get sucked into the jet engine
482) We should pass the pepper
483) It's not the morality, it's how much you can bear
484) This house would order pizza
485) It's not the heat, it's the humidity
486) It's lonely out there
487) It is never our fault
488) This doesn't look like Kansas anymore, Toto
489) We just can't win
490) This house prefers a bath to a shower
491) We would rather be a snail than a tiger
492) Don't trust anyone over 30
493) This house would rather not grow up
494) The X-Files are right
495) Life is like the Simpsons
496) BDC Motions: Height makes right
497) This house prefers a rose garden to a vegetable garden
498) BDC Motions: We should close the border
499) He that shuns trifles must shun the world
500) The finest amusements are the most pointless ones
501) Halloween should be banned
502) Men are but children of a larger growth
503) Each man must watch out for his own arrow
504) We have made the wrong choice
505) This house is wearing blinders
506) We should turn up the volume
507) This house believes that it is too late
508) This house prefers a hiss to a roar
509) BDC Motions: This house is more like Hamlet than Hercules
510) We should all be devils
511) This house would just say no
512) Speed kills
513) Living is like licking honey off of a thorn
514) At first we hope too much, later on, not enough
515) This house would make haste slowly
516) Life is one long process of getting tired
517) Good locks are the key to success
518) It is too hot
519) This house would ban the computer
520) This house prefers night to day
521) The later, the better
522) BDC Motions: This house is a nail not a hammer
523) We are all vampires
524) It is getting hotter
525) We would rather be a sword than a shield
526) If you live with a lame man, you will learn to limp
527) This house would rather be a pauper than a prince
528) This house would rather cry over spilt milk than clean it up
529) This house would rather be the coyote than the roadrunner
530) Gossip is good
531) This house prefers a whisper to a yell
532) There is no life after graduation
533) BDC Motions: This house is a sprinter rather than a marathon runner
534) This house would choose the dark side
535) This house would fight the power
536) This house would leave the Garden of Eden
537) There are too many of them
538) There are rocks ahead
539) Love is the greatest trap
540) This house is a spider, not a fly
541) We are heading over the cliff
542) It's a long way down
543) Easy come, easy go
544) Better dead than red
545) The machines are in charge
546) This house should start over
547) This house would rather be the hunted than the hunter
548) The eagle is dying
549) Life was better before TV
550) This house believes that you are better dead than wed
551) BDC Motions: The words of the prophets are written on the subway walls
552) We should let the animals out of the zoo28) We live in Oz
553) Life is like football (you may substitute some other sport)
554) Life is a cabaret
555) Scrooge was right
556) Never let them see you sweat
557) This house will have its cake and eat it too
558) This house prefers the sounds of silence
559) We can't get no satisfaction
560) Nostalgia is not what it used to be
561) Anything fits a naked man
562) Good memories are lost jewels
563) If we set a devil on horseback, he will ride to the devil
564) God does play dice
565) BDC Motions: A bad excuse is better than none
566) The half is better than the whole
567) We should set a thief to catch a thief
568) The train is running out of coal
569) The gloves are finally off
570) The square root is the best route
571) It is time to cut bait
572) The dream is still alive
573) We don't need no education
574) BDC Motions: To the victor go the toils
575) We are out of room
576) This house would charge the guns
577) This house would damn the torpedoes and go full speed ahead
578) Hell has frozen over

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